Michael Russell Makes Debut on H. J. Russell & Company’s Podcast

Michael Russell debuts on We Build: The Podcast

Michael Russell Makes Debut on H. J. Russell & Company’s Podcast

Recently named one of 28 CEOs to watch by Family Business magazine, Michael B. Russell, Sr. has been the CEO of H. J. Russell & Company since 2003. As the leader of the company, which is one of the largest, private, Black-owned businesses in the U.S., and third-generation entrepreneur, Michael explores the past, present and future outlook for the company. The interview also sheds light on what it was like growing up in Atlanta as a Russell and working within a family business environment.

“The Russell family has been in Atlanta for generations, and Herman Russell, my father, certainly made a name for himself and an impact on the city, so being one of his children, and being the CEO of this legacy organization, it comes with a lot of responsibility,” said Michael. “But, as you know I operate from a glass half full, and I certainly don’t fret about the challenges and responsibilities that come with being in my seat and in my role. I look at it as a blessing to build upon my own legacy and to help make this company better every day. Businesses like ours are here for a reason, and it’s not just to make a profit, but it’s also here as an opportunity to grow people, to give back, to be a positive contributor to the community and to be a positive impact wherever we are. Our motto of We Build is really a part of the core culture of the Russell Family, too, because we care about building more than just structures, we also care about building community inside and outside of the organization.”

H. J. Russell & Company, one of the largest Black family-owned construction services and real estate development companies in the United States, known for building iconic structures, debuted its company podcast, “We Build: The Podcast,” in April 2021. Hosted by Russell’s Senior Director of Marketing, Lonoia Murphy and Paul Bryant, Vice President of External Affairs, the two help pull back the curtain to allow others access to the “how” and “why” of not just building structures, but also building communities, relationships, careers and legacies in the industry with purpose.

Discover more about Michael Russell and his vision for taking H. J. Russell & Company to new heights as it enters its 70th year of business in 2022. We Build: The Podcast, airs new episodes on Thursdays on various podcast platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify.