Michael Swick Featured on H. J. Russell & Company’s We Build: The Podcast

Michael Swick featured on We Build: The Podcast

Michael Swick Featured on H. J. Russell & Company’s We Build: The Podcast

Known for leading H. J. Russell & Company’s construction division, Michael Swick is the guest on the Aug. 5 airing of H. J. Russell & Company’s We Build: The Podcast. In episode seven, Mike shares why he chose to expand his career at Russell, the status of the construction industry since the pandemic and how his focus on stand-alone projects will set the company up for significant future growth.

“We’re known for a lot of really cool, big projects that we’re joint venture partners on, but as cool as those are, my focus has been on what are we doing on our own,” said Mike during the podcast. “With some great solo wins like the Stockbridge Amphitheater in Henry County, or some of the multifamily projects we’re doing, executed with excellence, we’re seeing repeat work and bigger projects coming around where we are leading.”

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Russell, one of the largest Black family-owned construction services and real estate development companies in the United States, known for building iconic structures, debuted its company podcast, “We Build: The Podcast,” in April 2021. Hosted by Russell’s Director of Marketing, Lonoia Murphy and Paul Bryant, Vice President of External Affairs, the two help pull back the curtain to allow others access to the “how” and “why” of not just building structures, but also building communities, relationships, careers and legacies in the industry with purpose.

We Build: The Podcast airs on Thursdays on various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and other popular streaming services.