Atlanta Hawks’ Player Development & Practice Facility – Brookhaven, Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Client: Hawks Player Development Facility, LLC

Size: 60,000 sq. ft. (Hawks) 30,000 sq. ft. (Emory)

Project value: $36M

Completion date: October 2017


H.J. Russell & Company, in association with Legends Project Development, is serving as the Program Manager for the new Atlanta Hawks’ Player Development and Practice Facility.

As Program Manager, Russell will represent the Hawks organization in overseeing the design, construction, and initial operation start-up of the complex. This includes: preparing and maintaining development schedule and budget; procuring and assisting the Hawks in the selection of theconstruction manager and other consultants; confirming all permits and authorizations are approved; monitoring project teams’ performance; collaborating with all involved stakeholders; and ensuring, overall, the Player Development & Practice Facility is of excellent quality, while being at or below budget and completed in time required by our client.

The project, a joint development between the Hawks and Emory Healthcare, Inc., will be a two-story, 90,000-square-foot building dedicated to the Hawks’ new Player Development and Practice Facility as well as a training and sports medicine facility for Emory Healthcare, Inc. The complex will feature practice courts along with a fully dedicated recovery space that will include cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tanks, in-ground hydrotherapy, physical therapy, and sport performance areas for the Hawks and Emory.