Community – It’s About Making a Difference

H.J. Russell & Company has always been active in the community in many different ways and for many different causes. From sponsorships to donations to community service projects and walks/runs, we are giving back in all of the various communities in which we operate. It’s just a part of our DNA. It’s what we do. All of our goodwill lives within the heart of Russell: Russell CARES.

Russell CARES allows us to galvanize our team with our contributions to the community. It increases our company’s visibility and recognition for our efforts and dedication. From the beginning, we’ve been a business that has been too humble to promote our community contributions. We just did it. But as we look to the competitive future, it not only makes good business sense, we hope it encourages other businesses in our industry and beyond, to give back to the community that has given so much back to us over the years. The heart of Russell will always remain humble as we lead by example.

Russell CARES