H. J. Russell & Company + The Rich Theatre

Our commitment to you

At H.J. Russell & Company, we are committed to achieving the Alliance Theater’s vision behind this highly visible renovation of the Rich Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center. We have deep, long-standing roots in Atlanta that stretch back to our relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We have helped build Atlanta into the major destination it has become, working on projects like the Mercedes Benz Stadium, Centennial Olympic Park, the Center for Civil & Human Rights, Atlanta City Hall, MARTA, the Atlanta Airport, and the newly refurbished State Farm Arena. To say we are heavily invested in the city and its economic growth is an understatement. We are driven to support Atlanta and its major institutions, instilling a high-performance company culture that prioritizes community and clients.

The Russell team is prepared to commit to this project, offering the necessary resources and personnel to ensure it is delivered expediently and with the exacting levels of attention and customer service, it deserves.

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Get to Know Your Team

Our team has repeatedly delivered successful projects that accomplish a higher goal – to make Atlanta a prime destination for millions of people each year. We are pleased to bring that same drive and commitment to the Alliance Theater. With experience leading many of Atlanta’s highest-profile projects, we believe our proposed team is the best choice for this project.


Kirk Voelkel

Project Executive
  • 25 years of construction experience
  • Kirk will provide overall executive leadership and oversight through the project to ensure its success.
  • Kirk’s largest strength lies in his ability to articulate mission-critical goals and coach culturally diverse staff to achieve objectives.

Gary Flowers, III

Project Manager
  • 8 years of construction experience
  • Gary will serve as the day-to-day point of contact for the construction team and will be the liaison with the design team and client team.
  • Gary brings a keen eye for attention to detail in building specialty spaces, including theaters.

Scott Wilkinson

Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • 21 years of construction experience
  • Scott has spent years in the field and understands how projects come together.
  • Scott’s strong leadership skills and subcontractor relationships enable him to drive quality expectations throughout the field team.

Phillip Guthrie

  • 10 years of construction experience
  • Phillip will oversee the active construction of the renovation of the Rich Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center.
  • Phillip’s background in urban planning and community development construction project management will be advantageous to this project and the project team.

Bryant Sharpe

Sr. Preconstruction Manager
  • 25 years of construction experience
  • Bryant will oversee the budget and estimates for the project to ensure that the project maximizes each dollar invested.
  • One of Bryant’s greatest strengths is his solutions-oriented critical thinking mindset. To Bryant, there is always a way to make the budget work.

Bertha Aybar

Cost Estimator
  • 22 years of construction experience
  • Bertha will maintain project cost estimates and identify any scope of work value engineering options where appropriate and needed.
  • Bertha’s experience includes many renovation projects, so she understands the need to be flexible with estimates as the renovation progresses and new information is uncovered.

Grinnell Longstreet, PMI-SP

  • 20 years of construction experience
  • Grinnell will keep a watchful eye on the project schedule and work with the team to plan the sequence of work.
  • Grinnell does not build schedules in a vacuum. He collaborates closely with all project stakeholders, subcontractors, and suppliers to gather and analyze requirements to ensure project delivery.

Other Landmarks
in the H. J. Russell Portfolio

Nearly all of our projects are iconic destinations. Projects of such magnitude require us to be extremely agile, working around elevated levels of public and political interest. As such, our team is highly responsive while working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure successful delivery. By aligning communications and operations, we create a seamless project experience, which has helped us build a national reputation for superior program management services even through the most challenging projects, building programs, and economic climates.

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