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H.J. Russell & Company  - 504 Fair Street, SW  -  Atlanta, Georgia 30313  - 404.330.1000  - info@hjrussell.com

Welcome to H.J. Russell & Company!
Delivering Exceptional Results since 1952
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Why choose Russell?

H.J. Russell & Company, founded over 60 years ago, is a vertically integrated service provider specializing in real estate development, construction, program  management, and property management. We believe to effectively contribute and provide impactful service to our clients, we must take a holistic approach to any assignment. What does that mean to your company? It means that Russell will be a collaborative partner, evaluating potential opportunities through a big picture  perspective. With our interest aligned with our clients, we engage our four divisions to provide service within a specific scope.


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We are uniquely qualified to provide the expertise and vision required to be successful in today’s marketplace.



We offer construction

  management, general

contracting,  design-build, 

preconstruction, and Consulting Services.



Russell manages over $500 million of capital programs annually. Our client base    includes State, County and City Agencies/Authorities and Fortune 500 Companies.



We manage over 7,000 units throughout the country and have  developed, built and managed over 40 successful residential  communities throughout the Southeast.